RIPI brings “Rompine” to the world –
introducing fresh and juicy pineapples and elevating the Jakun people in the Kuala Rompin area.

On 6 March 2013, Rompin Integrated Pineapple Industries Sdn Bhd (“RIPI”) was appointed as Anchor Company by the East Coast Economic Region Development Council (RFP No.ECERDC/AGR/2012/PIC07-10) to commercially develop, operate and manage a designated pineapple plantation project in Rompin, Pahang, Malaysia.

The main objective of this Projects is to promote the Malaysian pineapple industry as well as to bring about socioeconomic development within the surrounding area.


With approximately 1,500 acres of prime agricultural land, our vision is to be the largest producer of MD2 pineapples in the region.

RIPI shall spearhead the development of the entire value chain of the Project, from R&D on saplings and planting, to the upstream and downstream activities, as well as the marketing and distribution of pineapples and related products.

Corporate Vision and Mission

We are committed to sustainable agricultural practices to supply the market with the finest quality products and to improve the livelihood of local communities.


Corporate Mission

  • To grow produce in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner.
  • To assist local communities in unlocking the potential of in—situ surroundings.
  • To produce the highest quality fruits in terms of freshness, taste and nutritional value.
  • To provide consumers with information to understand nutritional value and healthy eating habits.
  • To support the agriculture industry with continuous investment in Research & Development.
  • To facilitate a platform that will enhance the commercial value of afro-based products.